Tax Updates - Tax Administration will be auditing real estate transactions

Newsletter #137:Tax Updates


On August 16, 2022, the Superintendent of the Tax Administration, Marco Livio Diaz, informed on omissions in the payment of Income Tax on capital gains in the transactions involving Real Estate by the taxpayers.

The three scenarios that the Tax Administration has detected are:

  • Mortgage: in the public deed of sale, the inconsistency is determined because the value of the real estate is recorded at a lower cost and the mortgage, which is for an amount higher than the transaction shown in the public deed of sale, is not reported for tax purposes.
  • Deed plus Mortgage: the transaction is split, the purchase is reported but the mortgage is omitted, to avoid adjusting the corresponding tax.
  • Down payment plus Mortgage: the non-compliance in the payment of the tax derives because only the down payment is recorded, and the complement of the transaction is not reported for the correct determination of the tax.


Additionally, the Tax Administration indicated that they are inspecting properties of high value.
The press release issued by the Tax Administration can be consulted here.

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World Intellectual Property

We celebrate the World Intellectual Property (IP) Day on April 26. In commemoration, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) held its celebrations around the "Women and IP: Accelerating Innovation and Creativity" subject.

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Customs and tax updates

The Ministry of Economy of Guatemala announced that at the beginning of April of 2023, a new measure for intra-regional trade will be implemented. The charge for the transmission of the Single Central American Declaration (DUCA)[1], specifically the DUCA-F, will now be US$ 3.00

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Elections are Underway

The Guatemalan Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) published the Decree 1-2023, in which it summoned the citizens of all the electoral districts of the country to participate in the General Elections.

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