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"In adverse circumstances, Carrillo's legal strength, creativity and impeccable work made what we thought was impossible a reality. I believe they are the region's experts in complex cases and in making their clients feel secure."

At Carrillo & Asociados, we treat each client and each case uniquely. To do this, we have developed methodologies that jointly integrate our way of working: the “Carrillo’s way”.

Our way of working begins with knowing our clients and their industry, deeply and comprehensively understanding the situation, identifying the consequences for them and their business. To design strategic options for the case and define the objectives with the client, we go through a joint analysis process that allows a complete understanding of the options and risks that each one entails. The team in charge of the case investigates and discovers early the meaning of value for our client in the specific situation, aligning their expectations with the legal and strategic viability. We have had clients who, regardless of the outcome of the litigation, have shown us satisfaction with the legal steering, the dedication to them, and the direct and simple communication, as well as the reliance and trust they experience in our Law Firm.

At Carrillo & Asociados we strive to think systemically. We know that each case goes beyond the legal aspects. Incorporating the economic, financial, business, political, and personal dimensions allow us, on a case-by-case basis, to identify better strategies and offer integrated services to our clients. Specialization with business sense makes our lawyers more efficient, understanding the deepest situations and disruptively contributing to comprehensive solutions, joining teams with multiple specialties and skills.

The talent of our professionals is our greatest differentiator. We seek that, in addition to solid legal knowledge and experience, our lawyers have interpersonal skills that allow us to implement our customer service and business development approaches. To do this, we promote synergy between human talent, work methodologies, technology, coaching, training, and performance-oriented management. Our Law Firm is part of multinational networks that make it easy for us to offer comprehensive legal and notary services around the world, from a single office.


This firm is outstanding. There has not been a single issue that its lawyers can't handle. They have specialists in every field, and their commitment to their clients goes the extra mile."
- Chambers and Partners,
"I have always had a good experience working with Carrillo & Asociados; It has a strong regional structure and its lawyers are highly experienced. "
- Chambers and Partners,
"The lawyers are very attentive and provide immediate responses to our queries. They also have a lot of legal knowledge at an international level."
- Chambers and Partners,
"Their legal talent has shaped many of the largest and most complicated cross-border operations in Central America. His emblematic work in Guatemalan and regional jurisprudence, also in business regulation has resulted in contacts and experience at the highest levels of industry and government.”
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