Norms for the Implementation of the Electronic Communications Systems, Ministerial Agreement No. 209-2023

Bulletin #156

The Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) is reducing its paper trail. On August 28, Ministerial Agreement No. 209-2023 of the MEM was published in the National Migratory Policy , which contains the "Norms for the implementation of the MEM communications system".
These are the guidelines for all new procedures at the MEM. These norms are mandatory for users and agencies of the Ministry and are already in force.
Below are the most relevant provisions:
Electronic system and electronic mailbox

  • All administrative procedures may be initiated electronically or in person at the Ministry's own offices, and the user must join the electronic mailbox by sending an e-mail.
  • To join the electronic mailbox, click here and create an account:


Electronic Communications

  • All communications sent by electronic means will be deemed to have been received as of the date and time the system shows evidence of delivery and a record of delivery will be generated. All notifications must be made through this system.
  • The result of any administrative procedure will be notified electronically to the user who submitted it.
  • If, for technical or legal reasons, it is not possible to notify by electronic means, it may be done in person.



  • Digital and electronic documents will be protected through security measures to guarantee their preservation. These will be the responsibility of the Ministry's IT Department.


Electronic Payments

  • Electronic payments shall be made through the virtual banking system and in person at any banking agency. A valid payment order is required to make electronic payments. However, at the time of this publication, digital payments have not yet been implemented by the MEM, only in-person payments are being accepted.


According to the MEM, the regulation is being applied to new procedures, especially applications for new licenses and renewals..

If you wish to know the full content of the new regulation, please visit the following link: