Elections are Underway


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On January 20th, the Guatemalan Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) published the Decree 1-2023, in which it summoned the citizens of all the electoral districts of the country to participate in the General Elections. The following positions will be elected during these elections: President and Vice-president; members of Congress; Municipal Corporations, integrated by mayors, trustees and councilmen; and Deputies to the Central American Parliament (Parlacen).
The electoral process has been divided into three phases: the registration of candidates, the campaign and voting at polls.
The first phase ended yesterday, March 26th. During this period, political parties and civic committees nominated and registered their candidates for all eligible positions, they appointed prosecutors, and all electoral propaganda was prohibited.
The second phase began today, Monday March 27th, and now candidates are allowed to campaign for the next three months, up to 36 hours before voting begins. In this phase, the electoral roll will be purged, ballots will be prepared, and the Voting Boards will be formed, which are in charge of receiving and counting the votes on the day of the election.

The third phase, which is the election, will be held on Sunday June 25th. If none of the candidates for president and vice-president reach the number of votes required to be elected (50% of the valid votes), a run-off election will be held on Sunday August 20th with the two leading candidates.
If more than 50% percents of the votes casted in any election are invalid, the election shall be repeated in accordance with the provisions issued by the TSE for such purpose.
The TSE urges all citizens to participate in this election with civic spirit, and wishes for it to be carried out in an environment of harmony, with the objective of strengthening democracy.
More information on the electoral process, including decrees, agreements, reports, resolutions, and oversight tools, can be found on the TSE website: