Tax Updates

Newsletter #141/ October 2022


1. Modification of the VAT Regulations related to the option of issuing Final Consumer invoices (C/F)

On October 14, 2022, Government Agreement 245-2022 was published, which amends article 30 of the Value Added Tax Law Regulations (hereinafter "VAT Regulations"). This modification will take effect 3 months since its publication, that is, until January 14, 2023.

Article 30 of the VAT Regulations details the requirements and minimum data that invoices, and other tax documents must contain. Numeral 9) of said Article added the requirement that in case of not having a local Tax Identification Number (NIT), the Personal Identification Document -DPI for its acronym in Spanish – must be included. Addionially the words “final consumer” or the acronym "CF" will be used only in sales or services for less than Q. 2,500.00; and in documents that support the provision of basic services such as drinking water, electric power, and telephone services for amounts lower than Q.500.00.

It is important to mention that this reform left out the cases of invoicing foreign individuals and/or legal entities. 


2. Inspection of digital services

On October 18, 2022, the Tax Superintendent of SAT, Marco Livio Díaz Reyes, said in a radio program that one of his projects is the control of streaming services, and internet sales in the country, to comply with the payment of taxes in Guatemala. The Superintendent did not reveal more details, or set a date to make this project public, but we will be monitoring and reporting if there are any relevant updates.

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