What we do

Legal Areas

Estate planning

We have solved problems that encompass different subjects, such as the impact and tax management in corporate, financial, investment and real estate transactions, covering both local and international aspects; estate planning; administrative and court defense against objections and information requests made by the tax authorities; counseling on transfer pricing; and counseling and legal defense against objections in custom matters due to tariff classification, valuation rules, rules of origin, application of free trade treaties and other similar cases.


White Collar Crime, Fraud and Swindles

he criminal practice group serves cases of white-collar crimes related to the embezzlement and fraud of economic funds, committed by private persons, such as


The work of our team includes legal counseling and the drafting of the documents necessary to carry out successful merger and acquisition processes,

Registration of trademarks and patents

The intellectual property practice group carries out the registration of trademarks and patents of local and multi-national companies. We have a highly specialized team of attorneys which has enabled us to serve with great success a great array of high-profile cases.