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Mergers and Acquisitions

Las fusiones y adquisiciones son procesos que abarcan varias áreas del Derecho, tales como impuestos, legislación laboral, medio ambiente, regulaciones administrativas e incluso Derecho Penal. Uno de los valores agregados que ofrecemos es contar con abogados altamente especializados en cada rama y que juntos forman un equipo interdisciplinario que brinda asesoría práctica, completa y ética a los clientes.

The mergers and acquisition team accompanies the client in each step of the process, since the drafting of the restructuring project and the making of the due diligence process to participating in the negotiations, drafting and granting of documents and follow-up after the integration has taken place.

The work of our team includes legal counseling and the preparation of the documents necessary to carry out successful mergers and acquisitions, among them legal analysis, commercial contracts –such as merger agreements, sale and purchase of shares and interests–, drafting of shareholders’ agreements, creation or modification of social agreements and corporate decisions; all of this to consolidate high-scale restructurings that frequently have an impact in different jurisdictions of America, including the United States, Panama, The Bahamas and the British Virgin Islands.

The multi-disciplinary focus of the law firm enables us to form teams that have been in charge of mergers and acquisition transactions for operations in regulated sectors. We have also had good results in tax aspects related to regulated activities, such as the compliance for the enjoyment of benefits for specific activities, such as the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons, and the securing of tax benefits for renewable energy projects.

In combination with the litigation team, our specialists have successfully counseled in litigation and arbitrations related to regulated sectors, both in ad hoc international arbitrations and under the regulations of the Arbitration Tribunal of the International Chamber of Commerce, as well as in federal proceedings in the United States, and in arbitrations stemming from bilateral investment treaties.


White Collar Crime, Fraud and Swindles

he criminal practice group serves cases of white-collar crimes related to the embezzlement and fraud of economic funds, committed by private persons, such as


The work of our team includes legal counseling and the drafting of the documents necessary to carry out successful merger and acquisition processes,

Registration of trademarks and patents

The intellectual property practice group carries out the registration of trademarks and patents of local and multi-national companies. We have a highly specialized team of attorneys which has enabled us to serve with great success a great array of high-profile cases.