What we do

Legal Areas

Labor Law

Our work practice has been fundamental in the specialized comprehensive advice provided by our firm. Throughout our experience in the market, we have faced diverse and complex labor cases, which have involved our advice both in the substantive area and in the area of ​​litigation.

The services offered by our team include:

Advice on Individual and Collective Labor Law

Studies regarding the requirements and legal consequences of Labor Law for multinational companies seeking to establish in Guatemala.

Labor structuring of companies

Analysis of national and international labor legislation.

Preparation of labor audits

Advice and preparation of employment contracts.

Changes in employment contracts

Termination of employment contracts and advice on possible administrative and judicial contingencies that may arise.

As an important part in the comprehensive advice provided by the firm, and related to work practice, we also serve our clients in matters of migration and immigration.

Our clients, national and foreign, have resorted to our services seeking legal certainty and prevention of labor conflicts, updating and developing internal labor policies related to local labor legislation and social security, as well as updating them in the framework of international standards.

Therefore, the firm is developing our team, specializing in its different branches, with the aim of providing a service of the best quality and efficiency.


White Collar Crime, Fraud and Swindles

he criminal practice group serves cases of white-collar crimes related to the embezzlement and fraud of economic funds, committed by private persons, such as


The work of our team includes legal counseling and the drafting of the documents necessary to carry out successful merger and acquisition processes,

Registration of trademarks and patents

The intellectual property practice group carries out the registration of trademarks and patents of local and multi-national companies. We have a highly specialized team of attorneys which has enabled us to serve with great success a great array of high-profile cases.