What we do

Legal Areas

Smuggling, Counterfeit Items, and Adulteration

The criminal practice group serves the defense of clients in criminal proceedings commenced due to tax fraud crimes due to reports filed by the tax authority, as well as other crimes that demand immediate participation, such as larceny, theft and misappropriation of real estate.

Our participation starts since the investigation and immediate analysis of the facts and the evidence, the drafting of the report of a crime and the participation in the criminal proceeding, helping or representing the joint complainant to get a conviction and a civil redress action.

We also handle cases of smuggling of any type of goods and trademark counterfeiting of any product.

We work intensely in both cases in the investigation stage with a private investigation unit to detect the persons involved and/or structures, places utilized and modus operandi, and then supporting the authorities in the criminal proceeding to obtain from arrests to convictions, as well as the seizure of goods and their destruction.

We have contacts at the Department of Homeland Security of the United States in the trademark counterfeiting area in order to work jointly in the enforcement of border measures and to prevent containers with counterfeit products from entering Guatemala, prior to the start of legal actions.


White Collar Crime, Fraud and Swindles

he criminal practice group serves cases of white-collar crimes related to the embezzlement and fraud of economic funds, committed by private persons, such as


The work of our team includes legal counseling and the drafting of the documents necessary to carry out successful merger and acquisition processes,

Registration of trademarks and patents

The intellectual property practice group carries out the registration of trademarks and patents of local and multi-national companies. We have a highly specialized team of attorneys which has enabled us to serve with great success a great array of high-profile cases.