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Fernando has a wide experience in investigation and Criminal Law gained throughout his career at the Judiciary, the Office of the Ombudsman, the Office of the Attorney General, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Tax Administration Superintendence.


Postgraduate Degree in Transparency and Good Governance, Rafael Land?var University, 2014

Master’s Degree – Specialist in Criminal Sciences, Costa Rica University, 1989

Attorney and Notary, Rafael Land?var University, 1987

Professional Activities

Fernando acted as assistant associate of the Office of the Ombudsman in Pet?n, as well as Attorney of the Office of the Attorney General and Public Prosecutor (1987-1988).

He worked at a Law Firm for five years as criminal attorney and investigator of bank frauds and insurance claims (from 1989 to 1994).?

He subsequently worked at the Public Prosecutor’s Office for more than a decade (from 1994 to 2005). He held the positions of District Prosecutor of the Mixco Agency of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Legal Advisor, Board Member of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Special Prosecutor of the Anticorruption Agency of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Head of the Agency against Narco Activity Crimes of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Department Prosecutor of the Agency against Organized Crime of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and Attorney of the Challenges Unit. He was also a professor in such institution.?

Subsequently, he worked for the Tax Administration Superintendence from 2007 to 2012. He was legal advisor of the Tax Administration Superintendence and Head of the Verification Unit of the Tax Administration Superintendence. ?

Researcher at the Juridical Research Department of the Juridical and Social Sciences School, San Carlos de Guatemala University.

Executive Secretary of the National Commission for the Prevention of Customs Fraud and Smuggling (CONACON).

Fernando has been a lecturer on several occasions on different subjects, including: organized crime; ethics, morality and transparency; security; duties of the Public Prosecutor’s Office; anticorruption; and examinations.?

Publications and Contributions

  • Intellectual Property in Guatemala, 1998
  • New Doctrinal Tendencies on Crime Theory, 1999
  • The American Convention on Human Rights and the New Guatemalan Criminal Code, 1999
  • The Special Appeal Remedy in the Guatemala Criminal Code, 2000
  • Thesis: Goodness as One of the Purposes that the Application of Justice Must Pursue, 1987


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