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Ricardo Recinos T.

Phone: (502) 2421 5777
Fax: (502) 2421 5724
Email: ricardo.recinos@carrillolaw.com



As a member of the litigation team, Mr. Recinos has been involved in every stage of proceedings regarding civil and commercial law matters.

His expertise involves plenary and summary proceedings derived from bankruptcy cases, proceedings seeking execution of assets, and constitutional actions derived from these.

He has defended and represented the interests and rights of companies and individuals in cases such as the following: a) Civil and commercial issues, involving litigation regarding shareholders’ rights, contractual provisions, and judicial claims to require the fulfillment of obligations; b)Constitutional actions to defend constitutional guarantees against governmental and individual acts in matters related with contractual, administrative and judicial issues; and c) International orders granted involving the Supreme Court of Justice.


San Carlos University of Guatemala, Attorney at Law and Notary Public, 2008.  

Professional Activities:

Mr. Recinos joined the firm in 2001. 
He has received additional education in the fields of human rights and social skills.


Thesis: “Judgment on the granting of the Re-consideration motion in Administrative Proceedings,” 2008

Law Practice:

Civil, Commercial and Criminal Litigation.

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