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Carrillo y Asociados, and Beltranena, de la Cerda ...

On February 4th, Alfonso Carrillo M., Managing Partner of Carrillo y Asociados, and Francisco Chavez B., Managing Partner of Beltranena, De la Cerda y Chavez, officially announced the merger of the Guatemalan firms to their peers. The newly joined law firms will operate under the name of Carrillo y Asociados, becoming one of the largest firms in Guatemala.

The process of integration of two of the most prestigious law firms in Guatemala was underway since late 2008, and was made public. With the inclusion of eight new specialized attorneys to the firm, along with their legal assistants and staff members, the merger will allow Carrillo y Asociados clients access to a complete range of services in various areas such as the energy sector, foreign investments, project finance, international commerce and dispute resolution under free trade agreements.

Through the merger, Carrillo y Asociados also culminates the institutionalization process initiated a couple of years ago. The Practice is now consolidated, and the firm is strengthened by the expertise of renowned Founding Partners Alfonso Carrillo M. and Francisco Chavez B.

Having participated in the most relevant legal issues of our country over a history of 40 years, the merging firms similar backgrounds and experience, along with their shared values, principles and beliefs, have transcended to become the solid foundation Carrillo y Asociados is built upon.

With the merger, the first generation and promotion of partners was also announced. These are: Alfonso Carrillo M., and Francisco Chavez, as co-Founding Partners of Carrillo y Asociados; Analucia Carrillo, Rodolfo Alegria, Joaquin Alvarado, Rodrigo Callejas, as partners, and Lorena de Marin, as partner of counsel.

Alongside these announcements, the firms four new core Practice Groups were also introduced:
Dispute Resolution and Insurance Practice Group, led by Joaquin Alvarado, who specializes in Litigation, Corporate Law, and Banking Law.
Taxes, Labor, Regulatory Law, Telecommunications, Energy, and Commercial Law Practice Group, led by Rodolfo Alegria, who specializes in Energy and Power, Project Finance and Telecommunications.
Corporate Law, M&A, Banking and Finance, Restructuring, Crisis Management and Maritime Law Practice Group, led by Rodrigo Callejas, who specializes in M&A, Financial Fraud, Asset Recovery, and Forensic Investigation.
Intellectual Property, Real Estate and Immigration Practice Group, led by Analucia Carrillo; who has been the Head Counsel in these matters for many years.
Founding Partners Alfonso Carrillo M. and Francisco Chavez B. reaffirmed their commitment to become the leading firm in the region, believing that this integration of tradition and practice will provide clients and the legal community a unique service, innovative solutions and pragmatic strategies.


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